Create Heaven Within:

Joyful QiGong

Learn tools and techniques to cultivate the body’s energy systems (Qi), nurture, and develop the heart and connect to a deeper knowing within.

This course is for you if you would like to:


·       Learn about the consciousness, its patterns and the importance of understanding them on order to live a life of optimal wellbeing and true freedom


·       Introduction to QiGong as a tool for health improvement and life cultivation.

·       Promote vitality and improve your overall health by reducing tensions, opening up the channels within your body with nourishing Qi. 

·       Increase your higher level of awareness by deepening the connection with your heart’s innate voices.

·       Experience a greater sense of internal joy and wellbeing with uplifting Qi.

·       Feel a deeper connection and harmony both within yourself and around you

·       Develop your innate self-healing abilities and ability to help others.


What will this couse include?


·       Learn QiGong, a simple, joyful practice of moving meditations. The practices will strengthen the body and allow you to learn to relax at a deeper level of your being.

·       Cultivate your connection with Qi, including your body and heart

·       Receive tools for heart meditations to connect deeper with your own sacred heart for giving and receiving more trust, openness, love, gratitude, and connection of All-That-Is.

·       Receive healing transmissions for the heart, body, mind, and spirt.

·       Each week will contain 1 session of lecture/group practice together, 1x heart meditation (at your own space), 1 x healing transmission (at your own space), and closed group facebook support.


Who can come?


Anyone is welcome, with no prior experience necessary (just your life experience and your willingness to dedicate yourself to this course).  


Please find next Dates on our calendar!


Venue: WIRSinnd, Gymnasiumstraße 6/3, 1180 Vienna          


Course outline/format:


·       Weekly lecture/practice: 75-minute guided group session will be offered.

·       Weekly heart meditation practice: there will be a weekly meditation practice for the heart at your own space and the guidance on the practice will be either given at the lectures/practices or shared on a facebook closed group page.

·       Weekly healing transmission: there will be a weekly healing transmission and you can combine it with your heart meditation or choose a different time for this healing transmission.

·       Online forum: a private facebook group forum will be created, enabling us to share our learnings, thoughts, inspirations, and/or emotions unfold during this course. Additionally, we can use this platform to help and support each other. Of course, I ask you to keep everything shared on this forum confidentially and discreetly. Lastly, we are here to empower each other so please be sure to be respectful to others’ posts especially when you wish to comment on them.


Cost and contribution:


The contribution of this course is €20 per week for a total of €140 consist of 7-week lectures/group practices,  heart meditation, healing transmission, and closed group Facebook support.


·       Early bird is €18 per week for a total of €126

·       Limited spaces available, to book please send me an email at: onesacredheart@outlook.com

About me:


I am a QiGong instructor and I also do energy healing work with a focus on healing sacred heart within each one of us. My never-ending journey is always about learning unconditional love on the road to Oneness. On this journey, I have learned various tools including QiGong with a never-ending desire to serve others. I do so by following the callings in my heart.  We are One and through this course, we walk together in encouraging and helping ourselves and one another grow in unimaginable and magical ways.


My website can be found here: https://www.rosesacredheart.com/ and please feel free to email me at onesacredheart@outlook.com for any questions!